This campaign supports people newly diagnosed with HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and other blood-borne viruses (BBVs), as well as their diagnosing health service providers to ensure the partner notification process is as effective as possible.  

In combination with the RYPL mobile app, this campaign ensures people newly diagnosed with HIV, STIs or BBVs are resourced, empowered and know how to best deal with telling (notifying) their partner/s about their diagnosis.

This campaign is made up of a range of resources for people newly diagnosed and their partners as well as health care providers such as:

  • a mobile app (RYPL)
  • a partner notification tool-kit
  • partner notification audio-visual clips (videos) - in development
  • the peer-led partner notification service
  • resources for diagnosing doctors and health services and
  • this campaign website (micro-site).

Speak to your doctor or sexual health nurse about support to notify your sexual or injecting partners. Otherwise call David or Maxine, our Treatments Officers on (02) 9206 2177 to get support or get the answers you need.