Shigellosis is a disease caused by infection with Shigella bacteria. It causes diarrhoea and is easily spread among people. Good personal hygiene is the key to prevention.

Shigellosis is passed from person to person by the faecal-oral route, by direct or indirect contact with faecal matter. This commonly occurs if hands are not washed properly, particularly after going to the toilet. Certain types of sexual activity, such as oral-anal sex, allow the transmission of Shigella from person to person.

People with shigellosis are usually prescribed antibiotics by their doctor to reduce the severity and length of illness and shorten the time for which the person is infectious to others. Drinking increased amounts of fluid is important to avoid dehydration.

How far back in time should you trace your previous partners? 4 weeks.

(Note: this is a general guide only, consult your doctor for any other considerations that are appropriate for your own particular circumstances.)

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